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Even if you’re Born with IT, it takes work | Carol McClellan

Dressing rock stars in the 70’s & 80’s had to have been an amazing gig I’m sure. And, if anyone could make the Seattle scene cool at the time, it was Carol McClellan. One of the main reasons I am so thrilled that Carol McClellan was awarded the prize at The Bellevue Fashion Week’s Independent […]

Independent Designer Fashion Showcase 2012 @ Bellevue Fashion Week

Fav looks and stand out designers included |   Photo Credits | Lizzie Parker, Carol McClellan, Built by Man by Jami Davis for Bellevue Collection BD Homme from BD Homme webesite Masha Osoianu by Danielle Bortone-Holt/Moda & Estillo Blog P.S. More spefics and fab facts to come for each of these designers in the weeks […]

Independent Designers Runway Show @ Bellevue Fashion Week 2012

There is no place like home. In its 7th year, The Bellevue Collection kicked off Bellevue Fashion Week by creating the Independent Designer Runway Show to highlight the designer talent coming out of the Pacific Northwest. I was honored to be one of the members on the esteemed panel that included Seattle Met Fashion Editor […]

Nolcha FW in NY Spring 2013

Viewing young, unknown and up and coming designers during FW is important to me. But it can be bittersweet. The designers this season at Nolcha Fashion Week had potential. However, that being said, here is some advice to the designers. This advice I have given to many designers over the years; First, learn how to […]