Saying “Hello Again”…The Movie and Renewed Love of Costume Design

Monday, November 6: We open on me laying in bed as the day starts. Today is the New York Premiere Day for Hello Again:

State of Mind: This is great. I am excited to see this film. A true labor of love by all, but I am done with film. This nouveau gypsy life cannot be sustained! Time to move on.

Cut to: Monday Night, after the New York Premiere for Hello Again:

State of Mind: Wow, I love film, I loved my crew. My directors were incredible! The edit of this film was complete genius. A musical?! The work I did is another career landmark and I love Costume Design! When can I do this again?!

This cycle is common in our industry and quite frankly, anyone you meet in our industry will tell you that these feelings will cycle for them sometimes several times a year and I have heard often on set while we are filming, “why do we do this to ourselves?” But this isn’t the focus of my piece today. The focus is on the beauty of the film industry and its effectiveness as a medium that can so profoundly and perfectly send messages that can move you. We know that a common trend these days is to have no shame about the series you just binge-watched on Netflix in ONE DAY and there are no apologies from most anyone about staying home and watching movies.Ever.

With this in mind, I implore you to support independent film. There is so much talent, hard work, love, creativity in play. Hello Again is an example of this creativity of all the departments to work within time and budgetary constraints with a collaborative spirit that gave our directors and editor something wonderful to mold into the film you will see.

With a Costume Department of One plus a part-time intern, we were able to run our department while creating costumes for ten time periods, ten lead actors and over 200 extras within these time periods. I couldn’t be more proud and feel that this is another career accomplishment that I will look back at with truly fond memories.

Add to that, as is well know, I try always to incorporate independent designers and creatives. In this film, I was able to showcase the brilliant millinery of Brenda Bryan – Lovewell Couture, the gorgeous crochet work of Susan Obrant, and the unique jewelry of Luminita Jewelry. The ability to highlight these designers gives me so much joy.

I will revisit the above topic about supporting film in a future post, but for now, please go see Hello Again and check out this beautiful trailer. Check here to see where it is playing in a city near you, it’s playing in 250 cities nationwide through November 15:


“The One I Love Kisses Me and I’m Safe.

The One I Love Touches Me and I Float

Holding Me Finally

You Took so Long for Me to Find”

From Hello Again The Movie





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