Winter Wardrobe Staples

While we have had are warm days in October, we must embrace that Summer is well and truly over, and the one positive thing is that it’s time to pull out the winter wardrobe. I love dressing for fall/winter.  Always wanting to remain as stylish as possible, there is also a sense of practicality in choosing the items that will be your staples during the colder months.
Of course, updating your wardrobe for any new season can get a little pricey, so here is an option to check out loans for people with poor credit. The best and ideal approach is to make things more affordable by choosing your items wisely and selecting things which can be used in a number of different outfit combinations. Here are just a few winter wardrobe staples for the coming season.

Skinny Jeans |

Yes, Skinny jeans are still a staple. This key wardrobe piece is ideal for winter as they can be worn in so many different ways. Your legs become as streamlined as possible so you can then layer on a range of different items to provide the warmth on the top. During the day, you can go for a scarf and leather jacket combo, while adding a stylish mid-length coat and some high-heeled boots can get you ready for a night out.

Cashmere Sweater |

The classic cashmere sweater is another versatile item for your wardrobe. During the warmer autumn months, you can simply wear it on its own with some jeans, high waisted pants or midi-skirt. When it gets colder, it is easy enough to wear a coat over the top. Go for a couple of key colors; a neutral and a pop color, and you have even more options for accessories and other clothes that you can pair with them.

Statement Coat |

Since you will be wearing your coat all throughout the winter months, it makes sense that you go for one which you love. While many people prefer to retreat into darker colors during the winter months, you could buck that instinct by going for a bright statement coat. This way, you have an instant burst of color that looks great with all your more neutral fashion essentials.

Blanket Wrap Scarf |

When it comes to winter accessories, there aren’t really any out there that are more useful and stylish than a fabulous scarf. And if you choose one that also doubles up as a blanket, you will be kept even warmer when you are battling the windy winter chills! Best of all, there are plenty of different ways that you can wear a blanket wrap scarf including being thrown haphazardly over your shoulder as a shawl and wrapping it multiple times around your neck.

Turtleneck Top |

The turtleneck is back in vogue and wearing one will ensure that your neck is kept nice and toasty away from the cold – they tend to work even better than scarves! Again, there are plenty of other items that you can pair this kind of top with that all look great including sweaters, sleeveless dresses or a standard pair of jeans. The best is that right now you can find a Turtleneck Top in everything from lace to cashmere.

Leather Jacket |

Sure it won’t keep you as warm as a big winter coat, there is no doubt that a leather jacket is an iconic style choice that is worth adding to your wardrobe. You can pretty much toss it over the top of any outfit choice for instant cool. I tend to wear my leather under my wool as a statement as well.

Ankle Boots |

There is no doubt that winter is the season of the boot, and if you are not quite confident enough to go for the over the knee variety, then ankle boots are still a wonderful option and a staple.  Again, they work in both a casual and more formal setting so you really don’t have to put too much thought into your choice of footwear.

Midi Dress |

Just because it is freezing cold outside, that doesn’t mean that you have to stash all your dresses away for the next few months. There are plenty of nice printed midi dresses which will help you to defy the season and brighten up yourself even if you can’t brighten up the weather. You can also find this silhouette in an amazing cozy knit and pair with a boot of any height.
Now is the perfect time to start putting together your winter wardrobe, and the items I’ve mentioned above provide the ideal starting point. These pieces provide the ultimate versatility and flexibility so you can style them with a range of different looks. The season is all about layering so you can easily pile one on top of another to stay warm and still look fabulous. RL

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