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In my long career, I have met so many lovely people along the way that have a passion for fashion. Not everyone makes it let alone, creates a lasting career.  In many instances, that happens because individuals don’t understand the industry. When all’s said and done, those folks could find the perfect job if they were to follow some of the tips and advice from this article. As with any other career path in this world, enthusiasts need to conduct a lot of research and ensure they identify the best routes to prosperity. With that in mind, read this article carefully and try to put some of the suggestions into action.

Select a niche

There are several different niches within the fashion industry . And, these days, new job titles being added weekly as the industry updates for current technology and consumer trends. For instance, some readers might think about trying their hands at modeling. However, it’s important to note that modeling is probably one of the most difficult nuts to crack. For that reason, individuals should make sure they think about the varied different types of careers.You might want to become designers or be in PR? There are always lots of jobs available on the retail side of things too. Create a shortlist of possibilities and then research each before determining which is most suitable. There are so many fashion career websites that are easily accessed to gain inspiration.

Get qualified

Depending on the niche you select, the next step is to gain some qualifications in that subject. Just because you have good taste, does not mean you will make it in the fashion industry. Many colleges and universities have fashion and fashion tech courses. Take some time to identify the programs that will best equip you for your career. The internet is your friend during that process, and it’s wise to read online reviews from previous students to gain a better insight into the situation. Anyone who wants to keep their options open and hedge their bets should consider completing a general fashion degree and then taking some specialist courses further down the line. Keep your eye on the prize. I literally did everything I could in the industry to gain knowledge and experience to get me where I am today. Don’t be opposed to assist or volunteer in the beginning. While it may seem as some people are overnight successes in fashion, it’s not true and not something admired. This is a craft and should be treated as such.

Get work experience

During your time at university, it’s sensible to attempt to get some work experience. Ideally, individuals should get in touch with fashion designers and agencies in their local areas. Share your passion and education, and then ask the brands if they require any assistance. In most instances, someone should offer a few days work here and there. Here are more ideas of places to reach out to:

  • Fashion retailers
  • Professional fashion photographers
  • Fashion event promoters
  • Modeling agencies
  • Showrooms


The fashion industry is often inclusive, so it’s vital that students learn to network with influential people as much as possible. That could mean:

  • Attending fashion shows
  • Getting tickets for conferences
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Joining the local Fashion Membership Organization. Most have student memberships.


With a bit of luck, people who do that should manage to spend at least some time speaking to others who already have successful fashion-related careers. As it says at and other sites, there are plenty of events anyone can attend. One of the experts they meet could open doors or assist students in finding the perfect job in a few years time. Also, social networks like LinkedIn are fantastic places for communicating with any professional.

Build a reputation

Reputation is critical in the fashion world, and so it’s essential that you start making yours as soon as possible. Hopefully, getting some work experience should assist with that process. However, there is always more individuals could try to ensure they’re creating the best impact. For instance, releasing some of your original designs online and promoting them to respected brands could encourage some of the designers and buyers to pay attention. Some might even consider starting a fashion review YouTube channel or something blog. I started my career by producing fashion shows and events while still at university. Ideas like that could assist students in getting their face out there any ensuring influential people know their name. However, the most important tip here is to be consistent with your work and your approach.

Making It

Finally, at some point, all fashion students will finish their courses and gain their degrees. Most of those people will have already made all the contacts they require to find work in the industry. So, now is the best time to create a plan and give them a call. There are so many options on the table, and the next step will depend on the individual’s ambitions. For instance, those who want to become models should contact as many agencies as possible and see if any show an interest. And, if that is the case, have a bit of a portfolio already before you do so.

Potential designers could try to work and create a new line of clothing items before organizing their first fashion show. Promoters should work with designers to ensure their events go off without a hitch, and anyone who wants to get involved in retail just needs to search for suitable roles online. As it shows at and similar sites, there are many niche career paths within fashion retailing that educated people might consider. So, it’s just a case of refraining from ruling anything out and taking the time to do the research.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the only people working in retail spend their days behind a checkout because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many times, you are a true style and tastemaker as you are right there on the floor with a client.

I hope this quick guide can inspire any readers who want to launch their career in the fashion industry. While some individuals consider the career move as nothing more than a pipe dream, my vision is that a reader might take a leap of faith and put some of the above tips into action. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of work available for those with the right passions, talents, and drive. So, remember the advice from this article, start from the beginning and work hard. Good luck! RL


Photo Credit | Photographer Brian Sassman

Photographer – Brian Sassman

Creative Director/Stylist – Rebecca Luke

Key Makeup – Dawn Tunnel

Key Hair – Kai Stamps

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