I Feel Pretty

This blog post is for all my gals.

Inspiration. One word or simple conversation can cause a whole revolution in your mind. A simple conversation with one of my “besties” about her wedding inspired my whole perception on Spring 2017. More even than the runway presentations for the season last September. There are a lot of reasons I can share about why the feminine romantic pastel trend is key for the season. I am just going to share one. The number one reason is that we just want to feel pretty in a very dark scary world right now. It’s no different than my mother’s philosophy to put a little lipstick on to feel better or my personal habit to dress up if I know the day is going to be intense.

This furthers the conversations I have with just about everyone and anyone about how “dressing” makes you feel better. I’m still not happy about where “Casual Friday” took us in dressing and believe even in jeans, your look should be complete. My clients know these suggested “rules”. I sound a bit preachy today you say? Could be. But shouldn’t we all try to make ourselves feel a bit better? Why “save” the beautiful piece for an occasion? Why not create the occasion to wear the beautiful piece? Especially these days. What are we waiting for?

I am so excited about my spring inspiration and have already been adding the colors and textures into my client’s spring shopping. Please check out my Pinterest Board and reach out as always, with any thoughts or comments.

Happy Spring.




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