Perspective. Everyone has it. As creatives, we are constantly trying to get someone to see ours. But who is to say what perspective is correct or cool. Perspectives change and what I love about fashion is, its the same. Fashion changes along with perspectives and so we evolve with it.

I have been lucky enough to be able to express my perspective for over 20 years. And, some people get it and some don’t. However, as I gain in wisdom, I am realizing that all I can do, is continue to seek inspiration for my perspective, share it and the rest will follow.

I have taken a break from doing my blog over the past year. I have always wanted to speak authentically, and I wasn’t feeling it…so I took a break.

I am ready to start sharing again. I’m just finishing up NYFW, on the heels of international travel and back in the CITY.  I’m inspired! And, there is an exciting project that has been in the works for the past year and soon, you will be hearing about it. Look out for the theme “Fresh ideas with an elevated perspective”. I can’t wait to share! RL



  1. As an artist, I consider I see perspective, to say everyone has it is perhaps not right, more to say everyone has a different conception of it, with a million different perceptions branching from there…..

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