Resolution 2014: Focus on the REAL You…Forget about the “New You”

We are all familiar with New Year Resolutions and how they tend to be centered on creating a “New You”. I’ve chosen to switch that perspective for myself with the goal to encourage those around me to perhaps, instead, focus on the “Real You”. 2014 brings for me many new things. Almost everything is new. And, the more “new” that has come in, the more I have discovered the REAL me.

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You will notice changes on my site. I have evolved from the company name that I loved, les Egoistes, to Rebecca Luke Style. A welcome change for those who have had to introduce me in public…(smile). Colors, feel and logo are new. This process has taken me four years. As I have gone through this business identity evolution, my personal life has also had a complete turn around. This process has been painful and uncomfortable…I know many of you can relate. To look at your life and change your identity is daunting. “Change” is hard. Cut to, nine months ago. I had this revelation…I’m not trying to CHANGE, I’m trying to be AUTHENTIC…Authentic on all levels. And then, I started to enjoy the process. When I started les Egoistes back in 2000, I wanted to help build identities and create “Image” in all genres and mediums.  I could absolutely dive in to each person/project by getting at the REAL story. As I have personally matured along with my business and art, I realize even more how the process will only be successful if we seek authenticity.

The graphic designer [Lydia DiGiovanni Voiland] who created my logo went through what she said was a process tailored for me and my “project”. She took my name and broke it down. Definitions, History of, etc. She examined my family and personal history along with my body of work. She even dove in to things I just “liked”.( Thanks to FB, Instagram & Pinterest) She created fabulous boards and I was blown away. Check them out below.





The simple method of breaking down my names gave me a feeling of freedom. And, I felt we really got at the base of who I truly am. I am so pleased with the final result. It feels like me.


If you are a client of mine, you know how devoted I am to the “real you”. As the Rebecca Luke Style Brand emerges, this my theme. Here’s to the REAL you! Happy New Year


Photo Credit | Megumi Arai

Graphic Design Credit | Lydia DiGiovanni Voiland

I am currently booking appointments for Spring 2014 Starting in NYC in March and SEA late March. Please email to reserve your time.


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