My notes from the set of “Lucky Them”

Wrapped for three weeks already, I am finally catching up and getting back to writing again. “Lucky Them” was a fab creative project for me combining my love for rock and roll and working with director, Megan Griffiths, as my muse while creating a world of warm tones on the characters…something I haven’t done in my past films. I spent December and January studying art, watching films like Amelie and the entire Twin Peaks series, and was completely inspired. I can’t wait for you all to see this film.

I am also very proud to have shot another film in Seattle that has a SSFTag. “Sustainable speak” was every where on set and on everyone’s mind. I saw this set go even further from adding composting at crafty, to our catering feeding the homeless and for me, using more local designers than ever.

I teamed up with Carol McClellan to create a custom piece fabricated out of old leather coats that our lead wore in almost every scene. Martha Driver of Rockstar Jewelry had a a few of her amazing pieces that I trickled in with a couple of characters. And, I was able to really feature a piece of Masha Osoianu on our lead. Also I had some great pieces from Daly Bird on hand and an amazing collaboration with Red Light Vintage.This local team-up makes my design process so satisfying.

So whats next? Waiting to see what the next film project will be but in the meantime, I am working with clients on Spring/Summer wardrobes and prepping to share with you what I continue to learn and observe and the world of design, style and fashion. RL


Photo Credit: Stock, Rebecca’s Costume Color Inspiration for “Lucky Them”

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