Kara Laricks SP 2013

I’m not really a reality show fan, in fact, especially when it comes to design, I avoid reality shows. However, that being said, I am thrilled that a certain show gave designer Kara Laricks her break.


With out knowing much about her at all, I joined my FW partner at the Fashion Star winner’s Spring 2013 Collection installation. What convinced me to go? Her personal look. She just looked “cool”. Then, I got the back-story…Wikipedia digests it well: “Kara Laricks was a fourth grade elementary school teacher for ten years before she quit to become a fashion designer.[2][3] She loved design as a child and chose to become a teacher because it was a “safe career.”[3] Laricks lives and works in New York, New York.[4] Laricks attended the Academy of Art University and graduated in 2008.[5]


Laricks is a lesbian who hid her orientation whilst a schoolteacher but remained out personally. She came out publicly on national television during the first season of Fashion Star. She stated she was nervous about coming out on television.[6]

 The subtleties of well done androgynous looks have always compelled me. I wore my Dads 60’s suits my junior and senior year in high school and would accessories with high heels, a feminine bag and long dangling earrings. I love the juxtapose and even tonight, I’m wearing a men’s inspired short silk suit in hot pink for the evening’s events. I am pairing with a rock and roll tee cut up by yours truly.












Kara’s collection was sensible, marketable and made sense. The men’s inspired looks I loved.My favorite piece was the “Corby Tails Short” made out of ivory tropical weight wool with silk charmeuse lining that was paired with a collared blouse in ivory organza and silk charmeuse. I loved the unique play that Kara took on men’s wear with this piece.

I also adore the high-end fabrics the designer used. I definitely want some of these pieces on my clients. Speak up and let me know folks. Off to get dressed for a party…oh Fashion Week. Mwahh. RL


Photo Credits | Jan Klier

P.S. For some androgynous style inspiration, check out the movie “Orlando” and look up images for the actress, Tilda Swinton (love her)

2 thoughts on “Kara Laricks SP 2013

  1. If it made sense for me to attend NYFW, hers is probably the only show that I would attend. She is the only reason that I watched Fashion Star. She just really had great personal style and really great designs.

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