Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2012

I noticed her before the show, the older fashionita with the fab red tribal fabric around her hat that matched her dress. I thought, “she knows ‘tribal’ is in. Good for her.” As I waited for the show to start, I couldn’t help but think that this was my 12th NYFW season and I look forward to being that woman in the future. The tears started as we all watched this lovely woman slump as soon as the show started. She was carried away and I knew, something was terribly wrong. The woman was fashion icon and philanthropist, Zelda Kaplan, who passed away shortly after. (Read more about her on this link. She was amazing). It was heartbreaking and sobering, but didn’t take away from the collection. In fact, somehow, it made the Joanna Mastroianni’s inspiration statement even more salient.

Her theme? Women inspiring women. Specifically, iconic fashionistas. Couturier, Joaanna Mastronianni’s Fall 2012 shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion week was incredible. Each piece was intricately designed around “the ultimate fashionista” and what she might wear in the designers favorite haunts in the world.









Starting with Central Park in New York, the pieces were stunning and showed a pragmatic line that we women in NYC must have.








Next was Paris…loved, loved, loved. The mohair hats…the perfect accessory.








Finally, Asia with kimono like lines that were exquisite and perfect for a woman.

The detail and intricate work were fabulous in this collection. All executed by hand and one of kind on each garment. The fabrics that look tufted, were actually created by shredding, shirring and cutting the silk organza into tiny strips, then embroidered with “caviar” beads onto sheer organza backing. Chunks of faceted metal were covered with black leather and then surrounded with more shirred organza and caviar beads. A stunning detail that added modern texture.

Each and every piece was lovely. A touching tribute to an elegant elegant woman who Johanna brought on the runway with her at the end. This woman was Joanna’s muse for the collection, 90 year old “it girl” and famed interior designer for nine presidents, Iris Apfel. My tears to continued.










I was so touched on many levels by this show that I decided that this should be my last show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center for the season. A good one on many levels to end on not only for the beauty, but also for the inspiration of iconic women and the reminder that being one hundred percent authentic is what it is all about. “If you look well, then you heighten the atmosphere of a place, but remember to always be yourself. You can’t turn marble into silk” Zelda Kaplan on ‘style’. RL

P.S. Iris Apfel has her own FB page…like her. She’s cool

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Joanna Mastroianni Fall Collection by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

Bio Pic of Iris Apfel

Photo of Iris and designer Joanna Mastroianni by Rebecca Luke


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