Handbag Beauty Essentials

Handbags are essential to every gal these days. Sure, they complete an outfit and can turn a look from drab to fab, but they also house all of our daily essentials. Looking good on the go is tough, but with a few select products, you can ensure your look stays flawless all day long. Here […]

I Feel Pretty

This blog post is for all my gals. Inspiration. One word or simple conversation can cause a whole revolution in your mind. A simple conversation with one of my “besties” about her wedding inspired my whole perception on Spring 2017. More even than the runway presentations for the season last September. There are a lot […]


“Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments & memories, which when all pieced together, create a unique treasured Masterpiece” Melanie M Koulouris We are already well into 2016, and I have been thinking intently about which direction year eight of Rebecca Luke Style Blog is going to go. I have taken a bit of […]

NYFW Fall 2015

Baby it was cold this FW. And, since I have been lucky enough to attend “the shows” for the past ten years, I noticed a change. The hustle and bustle has shifted. It was quiet. There were still full shows, but something felt strange? Could it be that we aren’t sure what is going to […]


Perspective. Everyone has it. As creatives, we are constantly trying to get someone to see ours. But who is to say what perspective is correct or cool. Perspectives change and what I love about fashion is, its the same. Fashion changes along with perspectives and so we evolve with it. I have been lucky enough […]