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Heading to Something New

Heading to Something New

The time is come. A fresh idea with an elevated perspective.

Stand by! RL

Photo Credit: Jason Christopher Heerlein

Rebecca Luke at Karen Millen Spring 2014

Karen Millen is a British brand that has been around since the early 80’s. Since then, the designer that started out designing white cotton blouses, has been creating pieces that are not only high quality, they fit a real women’s body. I love Karen Millen on my clients for it’s clean classic lines and lady like approach to trends. Add to that, KM’s construction is high quality giving you multiple seasons of use. If you are in Seattle in April, stop by this event when I will showcase my favorite Spring 2014 Karen Millen pieces and show you how to make them the perfect add ins to your wardrobe. RLSeattle SS14 Launch Invite

P.S. I am always shopping at the Soho Karen Millen store. The staff there is also fab like the Seattle folks.

How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

I’m new to being in front of the camera, but excited to share what I know and love in a new medium.
I’m still learning…

Resolution 2014: Focus on the REAL You…Forget about the “New You”

We are all familiar with New Year Resolutions and how they tend to be centered on creating a “New You”. I’ve chosen to switch that perspective for myself with the goal to encourage those around me to perhaps, instead, focus on the “Real You”. 2014 brings for me many new things. Almost everything is new. And, the more “new” that has come in, the more I have discovered the REAL me.

Rebecca final-3 (deleted 992d7e5b35cbb98fee655a012898d591)

You will notice changes on my site. I have evolved from the company name that I loved, les Egoistes, to Rebecca Luke Style. A welcome change for those who have had to introduce me in public…(smile). Colors, feel and logo are new. This process has taken me four years. As I have gone through this business identity evolution, my personal life has also had a complete turn around. This process has been painful and uncomfortable…I know many of you can relate. To look at your life and change your identity is daunting. “Change” is hard. Cut to, nine months ago. I had this revelation…I’m not trying to CHANGE, I’m trying to be AUTHENTIC…Authentic on all levels. And then, I started to enjoy the process. When I started les Egoistes back in 2000, I wanted to help build identities and create “Image” in all genres and mediums.  I could absolutely dive in to each person/project by getting at the REAL story. As I have personally matured along with my business and art, I realize even more how the process will only be successful if we seek authenticity.

The graphic designer [Lydia DiGiovanni Voiland] who created my logo went through what she said was a process tailored for me and my “project”. She took my name and broke it down. Definitions, History of, etc. She examined my family and personal history along with my body of work. She even dove in to things I just “liked”.( Thanks to FB, Instagram & Pinterest) She created fabulous boards and I was blown away. Check them out below.





The simple method of breaking down my names gave me a feeling of freedom. And, I felt we really got at the base of who I truly am. I am so pleased with the final result. It feels like me.


If you are a client of mine, you know how devoted I am to the “real you”. As the Rebecca Luke Style Brand emerges, this my theme. Here’s to the REAL you! Happy New Year


Photo Credit | Megumi Arai

Graphic Design Credit | Lydia DiGiovanni Voiland

I am currently booking appointments for Spring 2014 Starting in NYC in March and SEA late March. Please email to reserve your time.


Rebecca Luke Style’s Fall “Back to Mine” Theme

“There’s no place like home”…especially when I come home to see and be part of such great talent. Fall 2013 is all about being home, chilling out… Inspired by the “Back to Mine” DJ series that kicked off this decade and my adult hood, I want to do the same and bring you “Back to Mine” by sharing what I love and continue to discover about my home. After living back and forth between coasts…and working/traveling in other cities the last 13 years, I am proud of my home town, Seattle. Tonight will be one of those nights at the Bellevue Collection at the Independent Designer Runway Showcase, highlighting some of the best talent I have seen come out of the Northwest in 20 years. I am honored to be on the panel but this is going to be a tough decision! Check out the Behind the Scenes video. Can’t wait to share the results from tonight and stay tuned for more on Rebecca Luke Style’s “Back to Mine” Series. RL

Pure Creativity | Pratt Instutitute Annual Student Showcase

Pure creativity. I remember my art teacher encouraging me to think out side the box, draw outside the lines. And consider “new” colors for everyday items…

My favorite topic to draw when I was five years old was the sky; Pink clouds in a green sky was a common theme, but often it would go more “unique” than that. [thanks mom and dad for the experimental art classes for toddlers you enrolled me in through the university…]

We choked up. And my NY fashion bestie had tears that rolled at the end of one of the most creative shows we have both seen in a long time, The Pratt Institute’s 114th annual designer showcase featuring 17 designers was a wonderful reminder how creative we can be.

The mission of Pratt Institute, that has the oldest fashion program in the country, is to “Educate Artists and Creative Professionals to be responsible contributors to society.” This past week as I have mused about the impact these student will make, as well as, the mission of Pratt, I can’t help be inspired to think about the ultimate responsibility as a designer/artist is to be as creative as possible. In fact, our purpose can be seen to push ourselves to creative limits. Our “responsibility”? Stay true to your creative voice.

By Honoring of Thom Browne with the 2013 Pratt Fashion Visionary Award from Vogue’s International Editor at Large, Hamish Bowles, the New York Designer, along with past Pratt Fashion Visionary Award winners, can be seen as the prime example of some one who stayed true to his inner creative voice. He had a vision and a perspective. Stuck with it. And, viola! Fashion Icon.

I was impressed with most of the students work and loved the attention to detail each of them had from shoes to accessories. There were obvious trends that the students were paying attention to that I loved; Fabrics that seemed hand painted, soft nude colors accented with all shades of orange, architectural influences and cultural traditions laced with fantasy shapes and a bit of gender bending. A great show of great creativity and fabulous workmanship for a student show…but it is Pratt after all. Watch it here:


Since I was taking photos with my new Samsung Galaxy (umm, learning curve), I don’t have the best shots for the show, but it was well produced and over all so enjoyable. I have been invited to this show for several years, but this was my first time attending. There is no doubt that I am going to try my best not to miss it from here on out. And yes, that is Bill Cunningham in my shots. We sat by him and that just made our night complete. (Hope that quick shot he took of us surfaces) RL


Photo Credits: RL


Nostalgia Works – Baby & Co Seattle

When I was youth in Seattle, the iconic Baby & Co, located on 1st & Virgina, created a firm sense that all was well in my world. Seeing it on the corner when I visit home still makes me feel the same.I’m nostalgic that way.

Since the mid 70’s the retail store has given Seattle their first look at fashion, beauty and style. But guess what?! We can’t live in the past, but we can honor and build on it and that is just what Jill & Wayne Donnelly have done since they bought Baby & Co a few years ago. Honoring the vision of Baby & Uri Burstyn, Jill, as the buyer for Baby & Co for 22 years, has slowly taken that vision and loyal clients and brought them to 2015…not a typo…Jill has taste and is ahead of the curve. As I researched for this post, the girls gave me a precious Seattle Weekly article about the original Baby & Co written in 1978 right after it opened…talk about fabulous for Seattle. Baby & Uri had style as well as a “vision”. I love that Jill and Wayne are carrying it on.

The newly remodeled space (March 2013) in the the original location, 1st & Virgina, is gorgeous. Jill wanted to make sure and honor the legacy of the neighborhood and also the building…now, from the store you can look in to the lobby of the historic building. The windows in the space echo the architecture of the building and the space definitely has a Euro groove.

Most of the brands Baby & Co hail from France and owner/buyer Jill still carries some of the original brands such as Lilith. You have to be prepared to pay a little bit. But as I tell my clients, quality over quantity. And, typically, what you get there, can and will be worn for years and many different ways. Add to that, some of my favorite garmentos in the city work there. Every time anyone walks in, be prepared to have fun and leave feeling like a rock star. Guys, Baby & Co has key pieces for your wardrobe too…so pop in. You will love it.

The Re-Opening Party last week was such a fab time with that hidden gorgeous fashion crowd that writers for other publications seem not to ever see. I, dressed in Lilith, had on either arm my Seattle besties, Vivian Jones (Hair & Beauty Maven) and Barbara Kucharz (Barney’s NY). With modern dancers in the window and models coming down the circular stairway to Tom Douglas coconut cream pie…this party was worth me extending my stay in Seattle for. Thanks Baby & Co. I definitely heart you.

I am so thrilled that I have a place like Baby & Co to go to for clients and well …myself, here in Seattle. Please visit them. You will love every second. RL

Photo Credits | Megumi Shauna Arai

Photos in Order | Spring pieces, Jill & Wayne Donnelly, More Spring, Rebecca and her dates

My notes from the set of “Lucky Them”

Wrapped for three weeks already, I am finally catching up and getting back to writing again. “Lucky Them” was a fab creative project for me combining my love for rock and roll and working with director, Megan Griffiths, as my muse while creating a world of warm tones on the characters…something I haven’t done in my past films. I spent December and January studying art, watching films like Amelie and the entire Twin Peaks series, and was completely inspired. I can’t wait for you all to see this film.

I am also very proud to have shot another film in Seattle that has a SSFTag. “Sustainable speak” was every where on set and on everyone’s mind. I saw this set go even further from adding composting at crafty, to our catering feeding the homeless and for me, using more local designers than ever.

I teamed up with Carol McClellan to create a custom piece fabricated out of old leather coats that our lead wore in almost every scene. Martha Driver of Rockstar Jewelry had a a few of her amazing pieces that I trickled in with a couple of characters. And, I was able to really feature a piece of Masha Osoianu on our lead. Also I had some great pieces from Daly Bird on hand and an amazing collaboration with Red Light Vintage.This local team-up makes my design process so satisfying.

So whats next? Waiting to see what the next film project will be but in the meantime, I am working with clients on Spring/Summer wardrobes and prepping to share with you what I continue to learn and observe and the world of design, style and fashion. RL


Photo Credit: Stock, Rebecca’s Costume Color Inspiration for “Lucky Them”

Wearing White in Winter

Don’t get me wrong. I love my black. I think there is nothing more lovely than wearing black. I have more ideas on this in my next blog. But for now, I want to to talk about white. I love white, winter white and creme in winter. In fact, I love to mix it all. We are seeing this trend for Spring 2013 with tonal layers. I have been encouraging my clients to play with tonal ideas for several seasons now. The key to tonal dressing is texture play.  Have fun. Don’t worry about matching the tone. Coordinate them. Great examples below shot by The Sartorialist.
In colder weather, i like to keep the fabrics “weather’ appropriate. It’s best to stay away from traditional summer fabrics such as linen, light weight cottons, hemp, etc. Sweater knits mixed with heavier cottons and denim is great. You can also mix in silks and silk – like blends.
The other way I love wearing white, winter white and creme is to accent with another neutral. Grey, Camel & Black are wonderful and very chic.
Standby by for a photo shoot. I am dying to get this inspiration of mine on camera.
Men. You can and should do this too. It is a fresh and lovely approach to the season. RL
Photo Credits |
InStyle : Photos: (left to right) J. Mendel, Reed Krakoff, Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci, Derek Lam

Interview by Moda & Estilo

I love sharing with and about my industry & work. I had a great interview by Moda & Estilo last week. Check it out here.


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