I Pledge

To continue to seek out opportunities to work with BIPOC owned Businesses and Brands. To continue to support efforts toward Sustainability that can change systematic concerns that Lead Directly to Racism.  To continue to seek Education to learn where I can be part of The Solution. To be a better activist and ally by making […]

It takes a Village at any Age

There are some people that dream of coming to New York. That person was always me. New York, then Paris. This opening sounds like something Carrie Bradshaw might type. So cliché’ right? However, one can’t deny that draw to the City, the place where we all come to become that person inside us that only […]

Winter Wardrobe Staples

While we have had are warm days in October, we must embrace that Summer is well and truly over, and the one positive thing is that it’s time to pull out the winter wardrobe. I love dressing for fall/winter.  Always wanting to remain as stylish as possible, there is also a sense of practicality in […]

Passion for Fashion

In my long career, I have met so many lovely people along the way that have a passion for fashion. Not everyone makes it let alone, creates a lasting career.  In many instances, that happens because individuals don’t understand the industry. When all’s said and done, those folks could find the perfect job if they […]

Handbag Beauty Essentials

Handbags are essential to every gal these days. Sure, they complete an outfit and can turn a look from drab to fab, but they also house all of our daily essentials. Looking good on the go is tough, but with a few select products, you can ensure your look stays flawless all day long. Here […]

I Feel Pretty

This blog post is for all my gals. Inspiration. One word or simple conversation can cause a whole revolution in your mind. A simple conversation with one of my “besties” about her wedding inspired my whole perception on Spring 2017. More even than the runway presentations for the season last September. There are a lot […]


“Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments & memories, which when all pieced together, create a unique treasured Masterpiece” Melanie M Koulouris We are already well into 2016, and I have been thinking intently about which direction year eight of Rebecca Luke Style Blog is going to go. I have taken a bit of […]